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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kundalini Awakening - कुण्डलिनी अवाकेनिंग

Kundalini Awakening - कुण्डलिनी अवाकेनिंग

Introduction about Kundalini Awaken- Part 1

Instruction about Kundalini Awaken - Part 2

Meditation on Kundalini Awaken - Part 3


  1. Can’t we merely meditate once or twice a day, confining our thoughts of the Divine to those periods and the rest of the time go about our business like other people do?

  2. It is not possible to spend dedicated hours only for meditation. One should learn how to meditate whole day. Even if the person is working he should be focusing on the present. These things are better understood when you read holy books like Bible, hear meditation music, read scriptures etc. If you want such items then you can easily get them from Church Supply Store

  3. Thanks for posting these useful videos on Kundalini Awakening. These excellent videos will clarify the doubts of the seekers. However, as Kundalini is also a dangerous things, you should also be careful while playing with the serpents. Mantra meditation is often considered as the safest path for awakening the Kundalini. What do you think?

    1. yes dear, we need to be very careful for awakening... thanks.... yes mantra are powerful... but at the same time we need to take precaution in eating habits... thanks.