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A relationship is "maintained" when there is understanding and adjustment but it becomes "successful" only when these are bilateral and also trust is the root of all.NOTHING IS MINE IN WORLD AND NEVER TRUST EASILY ON ANYONE...

Hi.! I am Kalpesh Dave.

I am very much different and down to earth person. I love Nature and Natural Powers (Spiritual Energy) which act on us and everywhere. I enjoy my life in a very simple way. As per as today fast life going on i am very much different from other because everyone attracts more towards facilities and money because in this Century (YUG) it is a need for everyone but i am not from them as I attracts more towards the fact (Satay) of life because i want to know more about life and about me that why i am over here and for what purpose and reason? What is the aim of my life? I like do research on life regular that what is true (Good) or False (Bad) in our life. How nature reacts on us, how natures play a role with us and in our life? Why we are here on this earth and for what reason we are over here? I found my all the answer's and still finding more about my life from the life force energy and thus I have merge my life with the nature power called (Shakti) or (Life force Energy). And now my aim is to help the poor and needy people to motivate them towards the real and fact of life that how every human been on this earth can live his or her own life more happily without keeping more acceptances on needs or others depend (Icha, wishes). So if you would like to know more about your life and want to motivate yourself towards a right direction then you can contact me or visit to

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Everything Under 1 Roof
Everything Under 1 Roof

Reiki - Meditation
Reiki - A Life Force Energy

Kundalini Meditation
Kundalini Meditation

Gemstones and Crystals
Gemstones And Crystals

There are many kinds of creative activities in me which has been mention below

I Do all this Activities and Business which are mentioned below :-

Do Consultancy and Conduct Classes for :-

Consultancy and Classes :-
Mind Power and Some Secrets Tricks and Tips etc..

Deal in all types of Spritual - Healing Products and Gift Articles :-

Gemstones (Precious and Semi – Precious)
Parad Item (Mercury Elements Items)
Gift Articles
Acupressure Products
Magnet Products
Imitation Jewelry
Semi-Precious Stones Jewelry

Note :- We have all Products Like (Mala, Bracelet, Pendent, Ball, Wands, Tumble Tree, Tumbles Stones, Rough Stone, Clusters, Pyramids, Nav-Ghra Pendent and Ring, Shree Yantra, Turtel in Different Stone.)
God Idols in Panch Dhatu, Eight Dhatu, Silver Plated and Gold Plated and many more)