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Friday, May 14, 2010



Many people know about Yoga, yet don’t understand what Yoga is really about. The Sanskrit word Yoga has a clear definition. It is Union with the divine. However, knowing is different from realizing. Yoga is not about getting to the highest dimension or achieving the most. It is about returning to the Creator. As the Creator is the Mightiest being, there is no way you can get or sneak your way to the Creator without the help of the Creator.

Up there, there is a place called the Void because nothing exists there except true selves. The Creator and all of the true selves, including yours, are there. You and others are still separated from the Creator because the Creator is very pure while you and others are not. As the Creator is very pure, the light radiates continuously from the Creator. If you are trying to bring yourself closer to the Creator, you are actually pushing against the direct light radiating from the Creator. Of course, there is absolutely no power that can be used to penetrate or sneak through the direct light from the Creator. What you need to realize is that the light from the Creator is not simply light. It is love. The Creator loves each one of us completely. The Creator always wants to give the best, including to have us return to the Creator completely. All you need to do is simply to open your heart to receive the Love of the Creator and at that very moment you will be purified and brought closer to the Creator. The moment you can receive the Love of the Creator completely, you will return completely to the Creator. You will be HOME.


Most people do their spiritual practices with medium term goals to reach ascension, to reach the 4th, 5th or higher dimension. The concept is to ascend one or two dimensions higher until they reach the final destiny. However, if you decide to use this concept, you should know that it will never bring you to your final and ultimate destiny. First, you need to know how many dimensions you will have to go through. There are 365 learning dimensions plus other special dimensions. So, if you can ascend one dimension higher in 30 to 40 years, you will need more than 12,000 years to go through all of the dimensions. And this is still the good news. The bad news is that when you get to the highest dimension, you will not be able to go into the Void because only the true self is allowed to enter. Ascending through different dimensions is done in the form of intermediate consciousness, not as the true self.

And although you can finally shift into your true self consciousness, you will simply return to square one. Your true self and the true self of other beings are already in the Void this very moment and previously. Returning HOME is the journey for your true self. So, don’t worry about your outer layer, the physical body in the physical dimension. As your true self is already in the Void, it is the matter of your true self to return to the Creator to fulfill your ultimate destiny.


So, as the ultimate destiny is not about going to the highest place, but to return to the Creator, only the Love of the Creator can take you HOME. You have to receive the Love of the Creator and let the Love of the Creator work on you completely. The Love of the Creator is the mightiest power that can cleanse, purify and provide all of your needs in an instant. The Love of the Creator is the only power that can take you HOME.

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